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EB30X 100lbs in 7 Months Challenge


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The program is designed to help you lose weight, learn what clean eating actually is, develop a new healthy lifestyle and have fun. Participants will engage on our private group page where all your meal plans and work outs will be available. Eric will show you how to prepare meals on the current plan and step-by-step instructions on how to execute your workout.

This 7 month program includes: private social media group, an array of meal plans (not the same one the entire time…eewww), modified workouts geared to individuals with limited movement, and personal training experience with Eric Bassett.

The Contest
β€’ Individual who loses 100lbs or more with the best transformation by the Jan 24, 2020 will be declared the winner of The EB30X 100lbs Loser Challenge and wins $3,000.

β€’ All participants who loses at least 100lbs by the Jan 24, 2020 will win $250.

β€’ There will be only one grand prize winner.

Dates: July 7, 2019 – Feb 7, 2020

Cost: $450.00 (value over $2500 per participant)

Payment Options:
β€’ Participants may pay $100 to join and up to 3 monthly installments to pay remaining balance of $100, with 2nd installment due within 30 days after sign up.

1. Must be 18+ to win
2. You must check in on the private page at least THREE (3) times per week. MANDATORY
3. Your BEFORE photo: you need to hold up that day's NEWSPAPER! The paper will only be allowed with the given the dates
4. Participants must change profile pic to display the group’s selected challenge photo.
5. All questions and concerns will be answered within 24-48hrs.
6. Your AFTER photo: you will need to hold up that days NEWSPAPER! The paper will only be allowed to have the dates within the timeframe given (at a later date). At the end of the challenge Eric will go through everyone's photos and select the winner. The winner will be contacted directly and posted on the EB30X Fitness Studio FB page.
7. The Challenge winner will be announced at the end.
8. All participants who complete the entire 10 month program and complete all program requirements will receive a special discount towards any EB30X program. (Discount value: TBD)

Grand Prize: $3,000
Other Prizes: $250 to each participant who loses 100lbs within 7 months

***All meal plans are vegan and diabetic friendly



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